Ways to Alleviate Monotony and Stay Focused In the Workplace

TekCollect’s team of customer service professionals field anywhere from 300 to 500 calls a day, each. This pattern of work can become monotonous when repeated daily and it’s important to stay focused. Here are a few suggestions we’ve provided our team and are worth trying for any team! We encourage our employees to get a […]

TekCollect Participates in the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Convention 2019

TekCollect will have a booth at this year’s annual AVMA Convention held in Washington, DC August 2nd through the 6th. This convention offers Continuing Education opportunities, workshops, lectures given by experts in veterinary medicine, as well as networking with colleagues and the opportunity to discover products and services that will enhance veterinary practices and career […]

How to be a Successful Debt Collector

(Paraphrased from “Tips for Successful Debt Collections” by Dean Kaplan of The Kaplan Group) Here are some suggestions made by Dean Kaplan of The Kaplan Group that will help encourage success in the business of collecting debts for clients: Before contacting a debtor, be prepared! The more you know about a delinquent customer, the more […]

What TekCollect Can & Can’t Do To Help With Your Cash Flow

Having trouble with your business’s cash flow? Using TekCollect’s third party collection services will help to get your receivables back in good order without alienating your customers. What can TekCollect do to help your business? We can make an attempt to collect past-due accounts through phone calls, notices in the mail, and depending on the […]