TekCollect’s team of customer service professionals field anywhere from 300 to 500 calls a day, each. This pattern of work can become monotonous when repeated daily and it’s important to stay focused. Here are a few suggestions we’ve provided our team and are worth trying for any team!

  1. We encourage our employees to get a good night’s rest.

There have been studies that have shown people getting five or fewer hours of sleep a night for a few nights in a row have an equivalent of a 0.1 blood alcohol level. In order to make sure you get good rest at night, try not to eat right before you go to bed; also, studies have shown that watching something on a lit screen like a cell phone, iPad or television can make falling asleep more difficult. Also, do not work out close to when you’re trying to relax to go to sleep because it typically boosts your energy level.

  • Design your day around your habits.

If you’re someone who has a lot of energy and high concentration in the mornings, then plan your challenging calls for then. Leave the repetitive tasks for lower energy times like in the afternoons, especially right after lunch.

  • Take regular breaks.

In an eight hour shift, companies allot for a 10-minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon. Also, you’ll have anywhere from 30-60 minutes for lunch. Make sure you use these breaks wisely; try not looking at your computer or your cell phone so your eyes can get a break. Get up from your desk and stretch your legs. Walk outside and stretch your body or if it’s your lunchtime, go for a 20-30 minute walk outside. Meditate. These are all suggestions for clearing your head. Eat a healthy snack and don’t overeat at lunch or you’ll be falling asleep in the afternoon!

  • Strategize your tasks at hand.

If you have a plethora of tasks, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Make a list of the day’s tasks and prioritize according to importance and difficulty. That way, as you complete the tasks you can cross them off your list and feel a sense of accomplishment and peace rather than feeling a sense of total chaos.

  • Create a peaceful workspace.

Having things in your workspace organized will create a conducive atmosphere for productivity. Putting up a few pictures of family or friends is lovely but not 100 pictures! Some people enjoy posting a quote or two that is motivational in their workspace.

  • Remove all distractions.

Put your cell phone away and mute it. Close all social media screens on your computer. Listen to music on your headset when you’re not on the phone.

Hopefully, just as our employees have, you’ll find these suggestions helpful!

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