Welcome to the Tek-Connect

When you go through a revolving door, let the other guy push.

— Robert Black.

As a business owner, you’ll face many revolving doors in your path to success. As new customers make purchases or require service, there will be times they fail to pay in a timely manner and now begin revolving through your A/R process. Let TekCollect be the other guy pushing the door for you. We specialize in recovering slow paying and delinquent accounts without alienating your valuable customers.

This blog is the home of TekCollect’s Tek-Connect. A resource for business owners to review relevant articles about the demands of A/R, the issues faced by many on an industry by industry basis, and an opportunity for TekCollect to showcase its softer side.

Ways to Alleviate Monotony and Stay Focused In the Workplace

TekCollect’s team of customer service professionals field anywhere from 300 to 500 calls a day, each. This pattern of work can become monotonous when repeated daily and it’s important to stay focused. Here are a few suggestions we’ve provided our team and are worth trying for any team!

  1. We encourage our employees to get a good night’s rest.

There have been studies that have shown people getting five or fewer hours of sleep a night for a few nights in a row have an equivalent of a 0.1 blood alcohol level. In order to make sure you get good rest at night, try not to eat right before you go to bed; also, studies have shown that watching something on a lit screen like a cell phone, iPad or television can make falling asleep more difficult. Also, do not work out close to when you’re trying to relax to go to sleep because it typically boosts your energy level.

  • Design your day around your habits.

If you’re someone who has a lot of energy and high concentration in the mornings, then plan your challenging calls for then. Leave the repetitive tasks for lower energy times like in the afternoons, especially right after lunch.

  • Take regular breaks.

In an eight hour shift, companies allot for a 10-minute break in the morning and one in the afternoon. Also, you’ll have anywhere from 30-60 minutes for lunch. Make sure you use these breaks wisely; try not looking at your computer or your cell phone so your eyes can get a break. Get up from your desk and stretch your legs. Walk outside and stretch your body or if it’s your lunchtime, go for a 20-30 minute walk outside. Meditate. These are all suggestions for clearing your head. Eat a healthy snack and don’t overeat at lunch or you’ll be falling asleep in the afternoon!

  • Strategize your tasks at hand.

If you have a plethora of tasks, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Make a list of the day’s tasks and prioritize according to importance and difficulty. That way, as you complete the tasks you can cross them off your list and feel a sense of accomplishment and peace rather than feeling a sense of total chaos.

  • Create a peaceful workspace.

Having things in your workspace organized will create a conducive atmosphere for productivity. Putting up a few pictures of family or friends is lovely but not 100 pictures! Some people enjoy posting a quote or two that is motivational in their workspace.

  • Remove all distractions.

Put your cell phone away and mute it. Close all social media screens on your computer. Listen to music on your headset when you’re not on the phone.

Hopefully, just as our employees have, you’ll find these suggestions helpful!

TekCollect Participates in the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Convention 2019

TekCollect will have a booth at this year’s annual AVMA Convention held in Washington, DC August 2nd through the 6th.

This convention offers Continuing Education opportunities, workshops, lectures given by experts in veterinary medicine, as well as networking with colleagues and the opportunity to discover products and services that will enhance veterinary practices and career all over the country.

Veterinary medicine is an industry where TekCollect’s services have proven to be very helpful in accounts receivables. Representatives will be manning the booth with two pop-up displays and some handouts, ready and willing to talk about the veterinarian’s receivables and how to make them healthy once again!

Stop by the AVMA Convention 2019 held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Place NW in Washington DC, Booth #2017 and introduce yourself to our representatives…it’ll be a step in the right direction for getting your practice financially stable.

See you there!

How to be a Successful Debt Collector

(Paraphrased from “Tips for Successful Debt Collections” by Dean Kaplan of The Kaplan Group)

Here are some suggestions made by Dean Kaplan of The Kaplan Group that will help encourage success in the business of collecting debts for clients:

  1. Before contacting a debtor, be prepared!

The more you know about a delinquent customer, the more knowledgeable, professional and personal you’ll be when you speak to them.

  • Document everything.

Take really good notes as you’re talking to the customer…good to have in case there are any future debt disputes. Input everything into the system, PCS reporting at TekCollect, while the conversation is fresh in your mind.

  • Be kind and practice self-control.

You have the ability to set the tone for your first contact with the debtor. When you start your conversation with a non-confrontational tone of voice, the customer who owes the debt may not get defensive. Once you’ve confirmed you’re speaking to the right person about the unpaid bill, you can ask if there’s anything you can do…if they need any additional information. Be caring and compassionate, yet detached as your job as a debt collector is to collect the debt in full as soon as possible.

  • Avoid confrontation and don’t allow harassment.

Listen very carefully and try to find out if the debtor’s excuse for non-payment is legitimate. Often, your gut instinct will tell you if they are being honest with you. If the debtor becomes abusive, it’s up to you to stay calm. You may even suggest calling back later when his emotions are more calm and collected.

  • Give options and keep lines of communication open.

Once it’s established that the customer owes the debt, then try to collect it in full. If the customer is having trouble paying off the debt, it may be possible for him to make payments over time. Again, listen carefully and try to come up with an arrangement that will suit the debtor as well as your client. If you keep the lines of communication open and they are aware that you’re trying to work with them, their situation may change financially and they may be able to take care of their debt sooner rather than later. Debt collections are common especially during difficult economic times. Using these techniques may make these negotiations go a bit smoother!

What TekCollect Can & Can’t Do To Help With Your Cash Flow

Having trouble with your business’s cash flow? Using TekCollect’s third party collection services will help to get your receivables back in good order without alienating your customers.

What can TekCollect do to help your business? We can make an attempt to collect past-due accounts through phone calls, notices in the mail, and depending on the severity of the delinquency and creditor type associated with your past due accounts, they could be credit reported or turned over to litigation. We can negotiate what is outstanding and set up payment arrangements. Our collectors will identify themselves as being from TekCollect and say, “This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.”

There are also things TekCollect cannot do in attempting to turn around your current state of receivables.  The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) has laws that collection agencies must abide by; collectors cannot make repeated calls to a debtor in hopes of intimidating them. We cannot threaten violence or their arrest. We cannot publish information about them or use abusive or obscene language. We also cannot ask you to pay a debt you don’t owe and we cannot call you whenever we’d like to! Hours of calling are 8 am to 9 pm.

The #1 goal of our company is to improve the accounts receivables for our clients while protecting their reputation and relationship with their customers. We help businesses recover consumer debt while maintaining strong customer relationships.

To learn more about TekCollect, visit us on our website at tekcollect.com or call at 866-652-6500.

TekCollect Keeps Columbus Beautiful

On Saturday, August 3rd, TekCollect’s employees will join together to Pick It Up! We will pick up litter on and around our adopted area of Columbus which is Park Street from 1st to Goodale Avenue. We hope to have a large number of volunteers from our company and will all be wearing TekCollect t-shirts to show our collective dedication in Keeping Columbus Beautiful!

Signs You Need a Third Party Collection Agency

According to Forbes, 80% of new businesses fail within the first few years. One of the preventative measures a new business can do to ensure its success, is make sure their receivables are in good shape. The one thing a new business cannot afford to do is to extend credit to their customers. This is where TekCollect’s services can come in handy!

Here are some signs a new company can look for that may indicate they need a third party agency’s assistance:

  1. A customer’s check bounced!

Not a promising sign that they will be a solid, paying customer. Collection agencies, such as TekCollect, have the ability to look at the credit history of potential customers in hopes of saving the company money, in the long run.

  • You have unpaid bills longer than 90 days.

It’s important to be able to identify slow-paying accounts. A Third Party agency can do that and begin collection activity before the accounts get to be as old as 90 days past due. According to statistics, you lose about 10% per month on unpaid balances over 90 days.

  • Are unfamiliar with collection laws and regulations?

There are lots of laws in the debt collection industry, some differing from state to state. A debtor that owes your company money will not hesitate to sue you if you have broken any of these laws. TekCollect’s job is to know these laws, not just on a state level but federally as well. Using our services to collect the debt will avoid any legal risks you might ensue in collecting them on your own.

  • In the case your non-paying customers go MIA!

If your non-paying or slow paying customers fail to communicate with you and seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, that’s probably a good time to call TekCollect. We have trained skip tracers in our collection department that are able to track down those people who are trying very hard not to be reachable.

  • Lastly, you most likely do not have the staff to handle collections.

Your staff consists of people who have their own set of skills and expertise. Allow them to do what they are qualified to do and call TekCollect to do what we’re qualified to do…manage your receivables and cash flow so your business can be a success!